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Building Stronger Connections: Summary of the Meeting between COMITES, Consulate, and the Dallas Com

A Day of Dialogue and Understanding to strengthen the bond between the Italian community and the representative institutions.

A Special Occasion for the Community

The Comites meeting in Dallas, held on November 11th at the Dallas Hall of Southern Methodist University, represented a significant opportunity for our Italian community abroad. This event provided a chance to interact directly with both our Comites team and the Consul General of Italy in Houston, Mauro Lorenzini, strengthening the bond between the Italian community and the representative institutions. As a testament to this commitment to strengthening the connection with the community, all institutions representing Italian citizens abroad were present, giving the Dallas meeting a special significance: in addition to the Comites (with President Saieva and councilors Iocchi, Pauri, Prestigiacomo, and Ret) and the Consulate General, Mauro Lorenzini, the Hon. Christian Di Sanzo, member of the Chamber of Deputies elected North and Central America district was also present, as well as a member of General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE) Arcobelli.

Open and Productive Dialogue

The event provided an ideal platform to thoroughly explain the numerous activities and services provided by the Comites, highlighting our commitment to assisting the Italian community abroad in various areas. We also shared information about our upcoming programs and initiatives. In parallel, the Consul General delved into fundamental consular topics, providing clarifications on important procedures such as AIRE registrations, essential for Italian citizens residing abroad, passport issuance, handling citizenship applications, and the registration of civil acts such as marriages, births, and deaths. This informative session allowed participants to better understand the available consular services and how to access this support.

Active Public Participation

The event distinguished itself through the active engagement of the audience, a pivotal element that significantly enhanced the meeting. Participants capitalized on the unique opportunity to directly converse with Consul General Mauro Lorenzini. They posed questions and sought insights across a diverse spectrum of topics. This direct interaction fostered an environment of open and constructive dialogue, wherein community members could obtain concrete responses to their inquiries. Moreover, it enabled the Consul to gain a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the Italian community in the Dallas area and beyond, thereby providing a more focused and efficacious approach to shaping future consular initiatives.

Upcoming Events and Updates

In the coming months, we have planned a new series of events and initiatives. Our commitment is to continually create more opportunities to bring together, support, and enrich the Italian community abroad through meaningful gatherings and vibrant cultural exchanges. And, as we witnessed in Dallas, active community participation is at the core of these events and represents a tangible way to contribute to the growth and strengthening of a united and supportive Italian community overseas.

A Special Thanks

We would like to express our gratitude to Consul General Mauro Lorenzini for his availability and to all the participants who made the event a success. A special thank you also goes to the Department of World Languages and Literatures (especially Prof. Daniele Forlino) and the SMU Italian Club for their hospitality and organizational support.


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